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Our Expertise

At Promises we identify strengths and weaknesses of each child and provide a comprehensive assessment. Our Individualized approach aims at providing an integrated understanding of the “whole child”. The assessment results are usually compiled in a detailed psychological report with a summary of clinical observations, background information, medical history and standardized test results and practical recommendations in relation to academic, social, behavioural and emotional functioning.

We accept referrals for assessments from parents, external agencies and schools for the following:

• Intellectual Testing (otherwise known as IQ Testing)
• Academic Achievement
• Learning Difficulties
• Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
• Behavioral Issues
• Emotional Functioning
• Attention and Memory Problems

What are these assessments?

INTELLIGENCE TESTING: We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of a child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses, which can include assessing intellectual giftedness, intellectual disabilities, verbal and nonverbal reasoning skills and processing speed. IQ assessments are not similar to school examinations.

PSYCHOEDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT: A psychoeducational assessment is a comprehensive psychological evaluation that includes your child’s academic level of functioning. This type of assessment is used to determine academic strengths and weaknesses as well as identifying any emotional or behavioral issues. A psychoeducational assessment is also used to identify specific learning disabilities in reading, math or with written expression and the testing results lead to detailed educational recommendations tailored to your child’s needs. These can include the following:
– Apply for classroom accommodations for MOE and International schools
– Assess readiness for school and identify appropriate school placement
– Evaluate readiness for mainstream Integration for children with special needs

ASSESSMENT OF EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING: Assessment of executive functioning is useful for children with issues of attention, planning and organizational skills.

SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL FUNCTIONING: Assessments include evaluation of the child’s behavioral, emotional, and social skills which may affect a child or adolescent’s functioning at home and at school. Questionnaires measuring depression, anxiety and adaptive skills can be included in the testing.

AUTISM ASSESSMENT: Assessments will include a combination of detailed parental interviews and child observations.