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What is the EAP?Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are work-based programs and resources dedicated to serve employers and employees. They are a vital resource for enhancing employee health and productivity. EAPs aid employees with personal and work-related problems that impact their work performance, physical health and mental and emotional well-being.



This is a summary of our Promises EAP Services.

  • Training Talks
  • Counselling
  • Critical Incidence & Crisis Response
  • Follow-up Services

How Promises EAP improves your business?

EAPs also contribute to:

• Supporting crisis management and emergency preparedness
• Managing the effect of disruptive incidents, such as workplace, injury, death
• Developing staff competencies in managing workplace stress
• Reducing healthcare costs associated with mental health issues


Employers globally and in Singapore are increasingly tapping onto the value of EAP services. They are actively integrating services and utilising resources to support both physical and mental health of employees. These EAP services are expanded to include health management and preventive health, and to complement additional work/life and human resource initiatives. Taking proactive, preventive efforts to assist employees in identifying and resolving personal issues before they arise and have detrimental workplace, medical or family consequences are valuable financially for the company and for the wellness of staff.

Why Choose Promises?

Our Promises team is deeply qualified with the clinical expertise and commitment to provide the best level of care and innovative solutions. The team comprises reputed psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists with deep experience and an abiding passion to serve. Together we work in a consultative and collaborative capacity to address employee and organizational needs.

Customer References

Promises has been providing EAP services to organisations including:

ANZ bank
AVA Singapore
Carrot Consulting
Connexion Asia (CXA)
Defence Science and Technology
Monetary Authority of Singapore

Network of Community Resources

Promises maintains strong community partnerships, including collaborations on joint projects, with organisations such as:

1) Ministry of Heath (“MOH”)
2) Institute of Mental Health (“IMH”)
3) National Addictions Management Services (“NAMS”)
4) Ministry of Social and Family Services (“MSF”)
5) National Council of Social Services (“NCSS”)
6) Singapore Association for Mental Health (“SAMH”)
7) Singapore Psychiatric Association (“SPA”)
8) Singapore Medical Council (“SMC”)
9) Singapore Psychological Society
10) Singapore Red Cross
11) NTU
12) NUS
13) NUHS
14) Raffles Hospital
15) Novena Mount Elizabeth Hospital
16) TTSH
17) Parkway Health Group
18) Asia Pacific Certification Board (“APCB”)
19) Health Promotion Board
20) Ministry Of Education

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