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Art therapy services now available at our Novena clinic

Promises currently has an American, board certified art therapist as part of its clinical team.

How does Art Therapy work ?

Art therapy can help you give form to feelings that may be difficult to express. It can be a fun and powerful way to access needs, anxiety and other underlying issues you may not even be aware of that affect your day-to-day functioning. Our art therapist works psychodynamically.

Who can benefit ?

It is helpful to most people whether you are an adult or or have a child, adolescent or need for family therapy.

Anxiety, depression and trauma are just a few of the many areas our art therapist has experience in.

Individual or group art therapy – which is right for you ?


Groups can be a great way to work on improving interactions with others but can also provide support for those with medical challenges. If you are a medical provider or school administrator we know art therapy can help with many of the emotional stresses you and your staff see everyday.

And if you are an individual who is trying to sort out a happier and more meaningful existence, art therapy can provide a space to create change.

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