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Promises Pte Ltd,  which was founded and managed by Dr. Munidasa Winslow, is a mental health & addictions consulting and training company established to aid healthcare professionals and individuals in Singapore. We specialise in Psychiatry and Counselling, Addictions Help and Psychological Services.

The company aims to give back to the community by sustaining recovery and facilitating other training events in Singapore and the Asian-Pacific region.

Promises Pte Ltd runs a specialist medical and psychological clinic under the auspices of Promises Healthcare Pte Ltd at the Winslow Clinic, which provides treatment for addictions and mental health issues with an aftercare programme involving group therapy alongside assistance for families. With increasing demand in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region, one of Promises’ fundamental aims is to equip and train more addiction and mental health professionals.

Therefore, Promises conducts a variety of relevant training courses and is also the primary training provider for the Asia Pacific Certification Board. APC is also involved in the certification of addiction therapist throughout Asia Pacific.

Promises endeavor to promote and cultivate the mental health and wellness industry in the Asia Pacific through:

1) Providing quality training in addictions and mental health to professionals as well as laypersons

2) Provide consultancy services to organisations & hospitals that wish to develop addictions and wellness services and programs

3) To advocate for the sharing of best practices and establishing globally recognized standards of care among local and international healthcare providers and professionals.

4)  To faciliate good addictions and mental wellness research along with free sharing to  lift the standards of care

5) To be the leaders in establishing best practices and levels of competency among therapists in the Asia Pacific region

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