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Senior Clinical Psychologist
D. Psych (Clinical), B. Soc.Sc (Psychology), B.A., MAPS

Dr Adaline Ng Promises Healthcare
Dr Adaline Ng, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Promises Healthcare

Dr Adaline Ng is a clinical psychologist by training and has more than 10 years of experience in the helping profession. Prior to joining Promises, she headed the psychological services in Singapore Prison Service. The experience there allowed Dr Adaline Ng to work with individuals presenting with longstanding, complex psychological problems. It has also moulded her understanding of the change process – how to motivate an individual to change, how to support the change process, and how to maintain the change. Dr Adaline Ng adopts a non-judgemental, client-centred approach in her work. She believes that unconditional positive regard and validation for the client are integral in a successful therapeutic relationship.

Dr Adaline Ng has also previously provided psychological services at a private psychology clinic at Camden Medical Centre. Trained and experienced in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Schema-Focused Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dr Adaline Ng is passionate about helping individuals who struggle with mental health issues (e.g., depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction) and personality difficulties (e.g., borderline personality, antisocial personality) . With her background in criminal justice, she has also treated those with problems pertaining to violence (e.g., domestic violence, general aggressive behaviours), sex offending, substance-use, and theft.

Dr Adaline Ng is proficient in intelligence testing, assessments of memory and cognitive abilities, and personality assessments. She is also trained and qualified in the use of evidence-based tools for assessing criminal behaviours.

While she was Head of psychological services in Singapore Prison Service, Dr Adaline Ng was responsible for assessment and treatment services for both prison staff and offenders. Apart from managing a team of psychologists, Dr Adaline Ng also advised on policies pertaining to the assessment, management, and treatment of psychological and behavioural problems. In addition, she provided professional consultation to other ministries, social service agencies, and criminal law advisory committees. Dr Adaline Ng’s other professional experiences include being an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore and providing clinical supervision for postgraduate psychology students. She has contributed a book chapter to the Clinical Psychology in Singapore Casebook as well.

Married with two young children, she spends most of her free time caring for and nurturing them. She also enjoys composing music and jamming with her Chinese rock band. Her band released an album in 2006 and has performed at various events and venues, including the annual Hua Yi Festival at The Esplanade.

To make an appointment please contact us at +65 6397 7309 or email clinic@promises.com.sg

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