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Couples Therapist and Relationship Coach














Bachelor Of Social Science (Second Upper Class) (NUS)
Certified Substance Abuse Counsellor
Certified Gottman Educator
Gottman Method Couples Therapy (Level 2)

Winifred is a therapist with Promises . She has extensive clinical experience in both outpatient and inpatient settings, provided individual and group therapy in an array of psychiatric cases and conducted talks and training on various mental health and addiction topics. She has also facilitated the Institute of Mental Health’s Employee Assistance Program and seen private clients for psychotherapy, couples therapy and coaching. Winifred’s coaching work is fueled by her desire to help others to lead more meaningful lives through positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment in life.

In order to assist clients with dual diagnosis, she expanded into the field of addiction medicine in 2004. Beyond case management, Winifred co-developed and ran psycho-education programs and aftercare support group. Her quick understanding, compassion and outstanding ability to build rapport with clients helped her oversee the program at We Care   at its inception in 2005, as well as coordinate an intensive outpatient addiction recovery program. She was the top candidate in the Certified Substance Abuse Counsellor examinations in 2007.

Her career was unexpectedly interrupted when she was diagnosed with a rare cerebrovascular disorder called Moya Moya Disease. She underwent two brain bypass surgeries to treat the disorder, but suffered a permanent stroke. During this extremely challenging period, Winifred’s training as a psychologist and her own emotional resources and faith helped her to cope with grace and resilience. With steady rehabilitative work, she regained her cognitive functions after a few months.

While on sabbatical to recover, Winifred pursued learning and self-development through private research. She attended courses at Stanford University and UC Berkeley, as well as influential conferences in Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy and coaching, and continued to see private clients.

Winifred advocates investing in relationships, and her mission is to support people in their marriages and family lives. In 2010, Winifred was the first person in Singapore to become a Certified Gottman Educator. She is qualified to conduct the renowned evidence-based parenting program Bringing Baby Home for new parents and parents-to-be and the Emotion Coaching Program. Her practice as Couples Therapist is heavily influenced by the Gottman Method Couples Therapy and she has completed Level 2 of their training. As a young parent herself, Winifred is committed to helping new parents and parents-to-be address the challenges in raising a young family.

Extremely grateful at being given a second chance at life, Winifred draws from her life experiences to help others. In addition to her psychology training, she applies the principle of Positive Psychology in both her own life as well as in clients’ treatment. Having used her training to overcome her personal challenges, she is in a unique and privileged position to help her clients and walk with them through their own challenges.

Winifred shares her own recovery  story and blogs to reach out to others affected by Moya Moya Disease, stroke survivors and anyone who desires to lead a flourishing or more fulfilling life.

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