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By - Lisa van der Heijden

Intrinsic motivation as a source of vitality?

“Vitality management is provided for organizations that have a vision”. A quote from Pauline van Dorssen coach of “Vital people in a vital organization”. This is a new successful training (NIP). Positive psychology and the use of vitality are central. The interest of both Occupational and Organizational Psychologists and Occupational Health Psychologists is high: all groups are full. In addition,

By - Leeran Gold

Hong Kong Murder Trial – Understanding ‘Diminished Responsibility’

As harrowing details of the British banker murder trial emerge, the media have shone a spotlight on his mental health and use of the ‘diminished responsibility’ defence. Here is a short introduction to the concept of ‘diminished responsibility’ and the role that forensic mental health experts may play in this trial written by Leeran Gold, Psychologist in our Forensic Service. To

By - Leeran Gold

Confidentiality, Consent and Landmark Litigation.

Following a landmark case that ordered all privileged medico-legal reports to be struck off the record, the High Court of Singapore has set a new precedent in applying litigation privilege in criminal cases. Here are 3 key takeaways for forensic mental health professionals following the case written by Leeran Gold, Psychologist in our Forensic Service. To read more:https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/confidentiality-consent-landmark-litigation-leeran-gold?trk=hp-feed-article-title-comment At Promises

Promises Healthcare Singapore Sex Addiction Counselling therapy
By - Andrew da Roza


Loved ones struggle to believe that sex can be a real addiction. Isn’t it simply bad behavior and selfishness? Isn’t it just a lack of self-control? Surely serial infidelity is a moral failing and should be punished? Those suffering from compulsive sexual behavior are also confused. It’s not like drugs or alcohol – which are not things that you need.

By - Andrew da Roza


If you are struggling with alcohol you may ask: “Will I ever be able to have a couple of glasses of wine with dinner? Do I need to stop drinking forever?” The answer is not a mystery. How many times have you managed to stop at two drinks recently? How did that happen? What was different about those times compared

By - Andrew da Roza


  Family members and friends are often caught in the whirlwind of destruction that come with addiction. They are at a loss what to do. Do they disengage completely? Avoid all contact? Offer help? Do they try to clean up the mess? Give money? Arrange doctors, hospitals rehabs? Buy and dispense the medications? Make excuses to bosses, family members and

By - Cynthia

Understanding Addiction Series – What is Addiction?

All compulsions, whether to substances or behaviors are usually characterized and observed to have 3 distinct elements for it to be classified as an addiction. There is preoccupation or obsession: The individuals spend a large amount of time thinking and planning towards acting out their behavior or to obtain substances. There is also an increased amount of finances used to