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Diploma in Counselling

Diploma in Counselling

Part Time Diploma in Counselling, Singapore 


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The Diploma in Counselling programme is registered with the Council of Private Education (CPE). This programme is next scheduled to run in Singapore from September 2016. This is a part time programme which can be completed in 7 months.

Part Time Diploma in Counselling, Singapore

Diploma in Counselling

The Counselling programme aims to provide students with

  • Foundational skills in counselling and people helping
  • Mindset and intervention skills to help with various groups of individuals
  • Deepen self-awareness and growth in people helping

After completing the course, students should be able to

  • Differentiate and understand the various counselling approaches
  • Recognize the counselling needs and approaches for various sub-populations
  • Cultivate a mindset and practice of good counselling skills
  • Develop a beginning competence in counselling
  • Work within appropriate ethical guidelines and practice

Course Programme details

Students are required to complete 2 compulsory and 2 elective modules. Each module consists of 13 sessions. Each session is 3 hours. Sessions are conducted once a week on a weekday night. The average teacher student ratio is 1 : 30 students.

Compulsory Modules:

  • Understanding Counselling Styles
  • Counselling Practice

Elective Modules:

  • Solution-Oriented Counselling
  • Grief & Crisis Counselling
  • Marriage & Family Counselling
  • Expressive Therapy
  • Psychopathology
  • Counselling the Adolescent
  • Reality Therapy
  • Counselling & Spirituality
  • Methods in Group Counselling
  • Survey of Common Counselling Issues
  • Qualitative Methods for Social Service Research
  • Quantitative Methods for Social Service Research

For more information please see http://academy.promises.com.sg/

Tips on Protecting Children from Conflict and Terror in the Media

Tips on Protecting Children from Conflict and Terror in the Media

Promises Healthcare Singapore

Parents often worry about how to protect their children from violent media, and how to manage their child’s response once they are exposed. The fantastic article below outlines what parents need to look out for, and how they can help their child cope with the terror and violence they are seeing in the media.


Parents are encouraged to seek out professional help from a psychologist or counsellor if they feel that their child may be adversely affected.

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