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Child abuse cases in larger families: Why parents may pick on one child and who’s more at risk

Child abuse cases in larger families: Why parents may pick on one child and who’s more at risk

In recent times, the alarming rise in child abuse cases within larger families has raised important questions about why certain parents may single out one child for mistreatment. Experts interviewed by TODAY shed light on this troubling issue, suggesting that first-born children or stepchildren may be at a higher risk of abuse. The reasons behind parents picking on one particular child vary, with some experts pointing to a lack of affinity with the child or unrealistic expectations coupled with parental stressors.

While the number of investigations into child abuse cases has significantly increased, it is essential to recognize that the occurrence of child abuse is not solely determined by the size of the family. Instead, it results from an interplay of various factors, such as social support and the mental health of parents. In this regard, June Fong, a senior forensic psychologist at Promises Healthcare, emphasized that abusive behaviour can arise when parents find themselves overwhelmed by the challenges of parenting or stepparenting, leading them to resort to violent measures.

The article also addresses the so-called “Cinderella effect,” where stepchildren may face a higher risk of mistreatment compared to biological children, attributed to a lack of shared genetics and attachment from birth. However, experts caution that no single factor can entirely explain abuse, and it is crucial to consider the broader context in each case.

To combat child abuse and provide support to families, social service agencies offer various intervention strategies. These include more frequent check-ins with families facing risk factors, nationwide studies to reduce stressors, increased mental health awareness, and parenting education. Members of the community are also encouraged to be vigilant and report signs of abuse to protect vulnerable children.

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) plays a pivotal role in preventing child abuse, offering family and parenting-related services and programs. Among them is the Positive Parenting Programme, equipping parents with techniques to promote psychological, social, and emotional competence in their children. Despite the best efforts of these initiatives, the reality remains that preventing all instances of abuse may be a complex challenge. Nonetheless, the focus remains on supporting families, addressing safety concerns, and ensuring a safe environment for children in need.

Follow this link to read the full article: https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/child-abuse-large-families-parents-stepchildren-2220681

Heart of the Matter – S3E31: Why don’t neighbours raise the alarm on family violence?

Heart of the Matter – S3E31: Why don’t neighbours raise the alarm on family violence?

The podcast, “Heart of the Matter”, delves deep into important societal issues. In this gripping episode, titled “Why don’t neighbours raise the alarm on family violence?” we confront a troubling question: Why do so few bystanders take action and alert the authorities when they suspect someone is experiencing family violence?

Hosted by the insightful Steven Chia, we explore the alarming rise of family violence cases in Singapore and the concerning lack of intervention from neighbours. We question why we readily complain about party noises but hesitate when it comes to reporting potential abuse. Throughout this 26-minute episode, we unravel the complexities and emotions surrounding this critical issue.

Joining us are three experts with invaluable insights into the matter. Marcus Lim, the head of TOUCH Family Support, sheds light on the importance of community involvement and support in tackling family violence. Dr. Joseph Leong, a respected psychiatrist from Promises Healthcare, brings his expertise to help us understand the psychological aspects that may prevent bystanders from intervening. Additionally, we have Mohamed Fareez, the deputy director at AMKFSC Community Services, sharing practical advice on who to call and what to say if we suspect someone is in danger.

Throughout the conversation, we aim to raise awareness and empower listeners with the knowledge they need to take action and support those in vulnerable situations. This episode is a call to action, urging us all to step up and protect those who may be suffering in silence.

Tune in to this eye-opening episode of “Heart of the Matter” – Season 3, Episode 31. Let’s start a conversation and create a community that stands against family violence. Share this podcast with your friends and family on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and through email and LinkedIn to spread awareness and foster change. Together, we can make a difference.

To listen to the podcast, follow this link: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/listen/heart-matter/why-dont-neighbours-raise-alarm-family-violence-3353516

How to raise emotionally intelligent children?

How to raise emotionally intelligent children?

In this episode of Partners in UpBringing, the hosts (Himani and Kalyani) delve into the fascinating world of emotional intelligence and how it can become a superpower for your child’s development. We all know that emotional intelligence plays a pivotal role in shaping a child’s future, and it’s never too early to start nurturing it.

Our guest for this episode is Ms. Mok Soon Fern, a senior clinical psychologist from Promises Healthcare, a renowned mental health centre based in Singapore. With her wealth of experience, she sheds light on some key tools to inculcate emotional intelligence in children. From increasing their emotional literacy to the importance of unstructured play and using the ALVSP structure, you’ll discover actionable strategies to foster emotional intelligence in your little ones.

Ms. Mok Soon Fern brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, having worked extensively with children and adolescents, assisting them with various emotional and behavioural challenges. With her background in Clinical Psychology, she is the perfect guide to help us navigate this essential aspect of parenting.

Partners in UpBringing, hosted by two wonderful moms, Himani and Kalyani, provide a safe and candid space to explore diverse parenting topics. Their engaging conversations with subject matter experts and fellow parents from around the world offer a holistic perspective on each subject they tackle.

So, whether you’re a new parent looking to lay the foundation for emotional intelligence or an experienced caregiver seeking to enhance your child’s EQ, this episode is a must-listen.

To listen to the podcast, follow this link: https://www.partnersinupbringing.com/how-to-raise-emotionally-intelligent-children/