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Julianna Pang

Juliana Pang Siew Yun

Addictions Therapist, Visions
MA (Couns), MM, LLB., Cert. in Addictions, SAC, IITAP, NAADAC

Languages: English, Mandarin, French


Juliana is an accredited therapist with experience in addiction recovery work with a halfway house. At Promises, she is part of the core team for addiction recovery treatment and has over 1000 hours of direct client treatment experience.

 Juliana conducts 1-to-1 therapy sessions and runs Visions by Promises weekly relapse prevention support groups. She is also the lead facilitator for the S.T.A.R. Partners support group for spouses affected by sex, love, or pornography addiction.

With over 20 years of international work experience in Asia, Australia and Europe, Juliana is au-fait with inter-cultural norms and supportive of the LGBTQ+ community.

 Juliana holds a Master of Counselling from Monash University, is an accredited practitioner with the International Institute for Trauma and Addictions Professionals, the Singapore Association for Counsellors and the Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors of Singapore. She is also an accredited Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

Juliana subscribes to the philosophy that “A treatment and recovery programme may entail medical intervention for detox, individual and/or group therapy to address underlying factors and develop new life skills. Where appropriate, family members may be requested to participate in the affected person’s recovery process.  Having an accurate pre-treatment assessment to pin-point bio-psycho-socio factors as well as co-morbidities will go a long way to enhancing the effectiveness of the addiction treatment and recovery programme.”

Julianna is also a part of the Visions by Promises Team

  • Substance Addictions
  • Behaviour Addictions
  • Partners and Family affected by Addictions
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Recovery Support Groups
Certifications and Accreditations
  • Master of Counselling, Monash University
  • Master in Management, Macquarie University
  • Bachelor of Laws, National University of Singapore
  • Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling, The School of Positive Psychology
  • Clinical Member, The Singapore Association for Counsellors 
  • Certified Practitioner,  Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors Singapore
  • International Gaming Disorder Treatment Certificate, Intenta Digital
  • Accredited Associate Partner Trauma Therapist, IITAP
  • International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP)

Juliana has been described as an empowering and validating therapist by her clients.  She brings a stabilising presence and quiet determination when supporting clients to manage life’s realities with more effective choices and strategies.

Juliana subscribes to the constructivist approach to therapy and applies a blend of techniques from motivational interviewing, narrative therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy in her sessions.

In her personal time, Juliana volunteers at a crisis centre for suicide intervention.