Do Singapore students get enough rest during school holidays? - Promises Healthcare

The article, written by Abigal Ng from CNA Digital, explores the issue of homework and school-related stress during school holidays for students in Singapore. It highlights the experiences of students who faced significant homework loads during their break, affecting their ability to relax and enjoy their time off. The article also discusses the importance of holidays in promoting rest, relaxation, and family bonding for students’ holistic development.

Ms. Tan Su-Lynn, a senior educational psychologist at Promises Healthcare, emphasizes the significance of school holidays in balancing a child’s education and personal growth. She highlights that holidays provide essential opportunities for rest, exploration, and pursuing personal interests, contributing to a child’s overall development. Family vacations and independent learning experiences during holidays can broaden a child’s horizons and foster curiosity.

The article acknowledges that while some students may appreciate the structure of moderate holiday homework, others prefer a complete break. Short, focused assignments that help reinforce learning and prevent the loss of knowledge and skills during extended breaks can be valuable. The balance between rest and academic responsibilities should be carefully considered to ensure students have adequate time for both.

Furthermore, the article addresses the role of parents and tuition centers in managing students’ holiday workload. While parents seek to strike a balance between rest and academic reinforcement, some also enroll their children in holiday classes to ensure consistent learning and preparation for exams.

Overall, the article highlights the complexities of holiday homework and the importance of finding a middle ground that promotes students’ well-being and academic growth. It encourages parents, educators, and schools to be mindful of students’ needs and preferences during school breaks.

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