Feeling fearful or anxiety? - recovery is possible - Promises Healthcare

There are times when we feel fear and we may be anxious in different moments in our life. We may feel fear when we are in situations where we are threatened or perceive  a threat. Individuals may feel anxious when facing stresses at work and having to meet deadlines. In fact, having some form of anxiety may actually be productive in getting people into action in completing tasks or in making changes in their lives.

While anxiety and fear are common emotions, these emotions can become overwhelming if they are excessive and irrational. Individuals may develop difficulties in being able to work and to meet the demands of life or in relationships which results in a condition called an anxiety disorder.

Some of the symptoms of an anxiety disorder may include a sense of helplessness, worry and repeated negative thoughts. Physical symptoms such as muscle tension, rapid heartbeats and difficulty in breathing may be experienced. At Promises healthcare we offer a variety of treatment options for the treatment of anxiety.

Recovery is possible and the aims of undergoing anxiety treatment is to reduce and eventually eliminate the symptoms of anxiety disorders, and to restore a person’s functioning and emotional well-being. This will involve a holistic approach of using medications or using therapy that will be catered to an individual’s needs. If you or if anyone that you know suffers from an anxiety disorder do know that help is available. Please contact our clinic if you have any inquiries or if you wish to have a consultation.

Written by: Jesudas Soundhraj – Counsellor, Promise Healthcare

Picture source: www.lifehack.com