Love Bombing: When A Manipulation Tactic Can Feel A Lot Like A Whirlwind Romance - Promises Healthcare

Natalie-Elizabeth Tan shared in her article that was published in HerWorld Magazine, in the world of dating and relationships, we’ve all experienced the rush of excitement that comes with a new romantic interest. But what happens when that excitement feels a bit overwhelming and too good to be true? You might be experiencing what’s known as “love bombing,” and it’s important to recognize the signs and understand how to deal with it.

Love bombing is a behavior pattern where one showers excessive attention, affection, and admiration on another person, often with the intention of controlling or manipulating them. Dr. Elaine Yeo, a senior clinical psychologist at Promises Healthcare, explains that while this is commonly observed in romantic relationships, it can happen in other types of relationships too, like friendships or family dynamics.

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