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what is executive coaching

Why Executive Coaching?

Thriving in senior management requires mastery over numerous skill sets. Exercising true leadership comes not only from skilful hands but also from a heart of integrity, purpose-driven aspirations, and a deeper meaning in life.

Who We Coach?

Our Executive Coaching services are meant to empower C-Suite Executives, Senior Management, and Emerging Leaders to lead with renewed passion and purpose at work whilst living out their potential for a fulfilling life beyond work.

c suit management
c suit management

Our Coaching Style

Coaching styles are customised to suit the needs of each client. Our Executive Coaches employ various approaches in journeying with clients as they rediscover themselves in new ways to achieve their truest and fullest potential. A collaborative approach is often used – one which draws on the unique strengths, values, and beliefs of the client to harness motivation from within and effect change. Clients are guided to a place where they take ownership of issues in life and learn to manage relationships with a sense of fulfilment.

Modes Of Delivery

Coaching can be delivered in-person or virtually.

either virtually or in person but it is not a meeting
Promises Executive Coaching Group Program

Executive Group Programmes

Kintsugi Discovery 
Through an experiential workshop, the Kintsugi art form parallels the different seasons of our lives: at times having to navigate a fractured past, into a ‘re-membered’ present, in order to pursue a desired future. Through the breaking, mending, and lacquering of pottery, individuals are invited to a personal journey of discovering intrinsic value and beauty in brokenness.

Change Leadership 
Whether change is thrust upon you or you are seeking to create it, our programme on Change Leadership involves interactive and experiential segments to support you. A series of different modules are presented to empower individuals to lead themselves and others through turbulent times.  

Conflict Resolution 
Conflict resolution skills are usually part of the usual tool kit for individuals. This one-day programme goes one step further by equipping participants with basic skills to mediate in the workplace as well as in their personal lives. The interactive nature of this programme encourages individuals to learn through their active involvement.

Meet Our Coaches:

Eric Lee
Executive Coach
Certified Coach, Columbia University, NY

Mavis MacAllister
Executive Coach
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, ACC

Timothy Khoo
Executive Coach
Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation