Psychosis - Promises Healthcare

Psychosis can be a debilitating experience for individuals experiencing it. Hearing voices or thinking unusual or disturbing thoughts is common in psychosis. Having psychosis makes it difficult to figure out what is really happening and there is a break from reality. It results in individuals not being able to do the things they usually do—such as going to work or school and enjoying time with friends and family. Family members may also struggle as to how to help their loved ones through these experiences.

The truth is that psychosis is a treatable condition. Treatment for psychosis is provided by healthcare professionals and support groups. This involves a number of different approaches which include medication, therapy and peer networks. At Promises we provide support through doctors, Counsellors and Case managers. There are peer groups in which our clients attend to hear the shared experiences of individuals who have lived through periods of psychosis. So do know that help and options are always available.

At Promises Healthcare, we are committed to helping you through your journey to recovery. Please contact our clinic for inquiries and consultations.

Written by Jesudas Soundhraj, Therapist, Promises Healthcare Pte Ltd