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 Employee Assistance Programmes


MindWealth 360 seeks to help employees achieve
a happy, productive and successful life by addressing
all 360 degrees of their life issues.

This leads to wealth becoming evident in their workplace.

Wealth at the workplace becomes evident in several ways
such as: loyalty, sense of ownership,
passion, morale, team synergy,
productivity and profitability.

Our aims are to:

  • Improve mental health and emotional well-being

  • Enhance workplace productivity and morale

  • Provide skills for coping in a pandemic

  • Equip employees with skills in identifying signs of mental distress

  • Develop skills in providing basic mental health first aid

  • Achieve a happy, productive, and successful life for all

Sex Therapy And Recovery Program

The Tripartite Advisory to employers

Singapore’s Tripartite Advisory was launched by Minister of Manpower, Ms. Josephine Teo on 17 November 2020. There were 4 recommendations made to all employers.
We are happy to state that MindWealth 360 EAP services align with these recommendations and will help employers achieve them.


The scope of our services includes the following:

  • 1. Six online training modules addressing known and researched workplace challenges.

These modules develop skills to spot signs of mental distress and provide individuals with techniques to help colleagues

Includes an additional programme for personal self-learning. This provides certification for personal enhancement and career development opportunities

Lessons and videos may be repeatedly presented, allowing for the maximum number of employees to benefit from the programme.

  • 2. Phone helpline and confidential counselling services
  • 3. Wide range of training programmes to suit your corporate needs
  • 4. Executive Coaching services for C-suite senior executives and corporate leaders
  • 5. Specialised leadership development programmes

Other supporting services include:
Family Counselling
Health screening

Critical Incidence support

Psychiatric consultations and medicine

Our EAP packages

or Webinars
Resilience Course
+ Email
or Life Coaching
Package Cost
(GST not Included)
1. Introductory EAP
2 1 module
for preview
✔︎ 4 1,600
2. Basic EAP
2 3 modules
+ 15 e-learning accounts
✔︎ 8 4,000
3. Advanced EAP
4 6 modules
+ 30 e-learning accounts
✔︎ 8 7,000
4. Online Resilience
6 modules
+ 30 e-learning accounts
✔︎ Pay per use 4,000
5. Executive Coaching Package 1
NIL ✔︎ Varied packages Varied pricing


Introductory EAP Package

Online Resilience Training

Basic EAP Package

Executive Coaching Package

Advanced EAP Package

Pay Per Employee Per Year (PEPY) Package

Additional Add-ons

Professional staff from Promises Healthcare

  1. EAP Training Series
  2. Topics related to COVID-19
  3. Topics for Critical Incidents
  4. Specialised Topics

Please email us for any queries.
We are happy to meet you in person or virtually
to discuss your company’s needs.
We hope to partner with you to ensure that your organisation
will have employees
who are happy, productive, and successful in life!

Promo Video : 1min 23secs : Online Resilience Training Course

Sample video snippet : Dr B. Malavika
1min 30secs

Sample video snippet : Philip Ang
1min 19secs

Enhancing Performance

Employees with appropriate outlets to address their psychological concerns tend to contribute more effectively towards the goals of the organisation.

MindWealth 360 has a wide scope of EAP services to lend support to corporate agencies through training sessions, consultations, guidance, and help-line services. MindWealth 360’s Employee Assistance Programme aims to help you, as an employer or employee, to identify and address issues, including workplace, legal, financial, social, and mental health concerns.

Scope of EAP Services

MindWealth 360 is the training division of Promises Healthcare. Promises Healthcare is a multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, and counsellors with a wide scope of training and professional expertise in many areas. The wealth of our team’s experience positions Promises to meet granular levels of needs for corporate organisations ranging from workplace stress and burnout to conflict regulation, addiction, habits of happiness, resilience, and more.

The scope of our EAP services extends to:

  • Workshops and talks
  • Confidential one-to-one counselling sessions
  • Family / group counselling
  • Supervisor and management team training
  • Telephone helpline services
  • Psychiatric services with medication
  • Critical Incident programme
  • Executive Coaching

As each organisation faces a unique set of challenges, it is best to consult with us for a bespoke plan tailored to your needs.

MindWealth 360 EAP Clients include:
– Singapore Press Holdings
– Exyte Singapore Pte Ltd
– CIGNA Global
– Alliance Medinet Pte Ltd
– Integrated Health Plans Pte Ltd
– Mediacorp Group
– Convatec
– Borneo Motors
– Mercatus

– Connexion Asia
– Carrot Consulting
– and many more.

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