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The way we think and feel about ourselves, our work, and our environment can significantly affect how we perform on the job. And, while it may seem like some people are just predisposed to mental health concerns and some people aren’t, there are many factors that can increase our risk of having poor mental health. People need one another to get through life’s ebbs and flows. As an organization, providing an employee assistance program is not only a benefit but an expression of commitment to their wellbeing. As an EAP provider, we are a resource and pillar of professional support to both organizations and individuals. We are always here to support you, your employees, and your organization, when they need it most. Read on to learn more about what we can do for you.

“We noticed that when employees know that they are cared for, they perform better and wealth becomes evident in many ways.”

Online Certification

An engaging certification course presented by experienced Asian Consultants to identify mental distress at work and know how to help colleagues through first aid techniques. Learn how to identify the signs of mental distress and gain skills in turning adversities into opportunities. Strengthen your resilience and help others this year!

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EAP Packages

Promises offers comprehensive EAP packages to match your company’s needs. Includes mental health talks which encourage your staff to seek confidential counselling through our helpline telephone service. Counselling sessions can be added on as needed. Our team also provides other services as add-ons.

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About Us

MindWealth 360 helps corporate agencies to develop mental wellness and resilience amongst employees as part of their Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).
MindWealth 360 is the Wellness and Training Division of Promises Healthcare Private Limited.

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