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What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is an established form of psychotherapy that involves the integration of art explorations and processes through various art mediums. It is facilitated by a qualified and registered art therapist, who creates a safe and non-confrontational space for clients to express and explore themselves creatively. Art therapy is suitable for anyone with the intention to engage in creative expressions and explorations, regardless of age or ability.

Sessions may incorporate various forms of therapy including DBT-informed art therapy, CBT-informed art therapy, and many others.

What Are The Benefits of Art Therapy? What Happens During Art Therapy?

The benefits of art therapy are vast, as it provides clients with the opportunity to creatively express their experiences and narratives. It allows clients to process their reflections, gain insight into their thinking patterns, and promotes healing and self-betterment. Art therapy sessions are not focused on teaching art skills or creating aesthetically pleasing artworks. Instead, the art therapist observes and guides clients in their art-making processes, providing them with guiding questions to facilitate their reflections.

Confidentiality in Art Therapy Sessions

All artworks, art processes, and images taken for clinical notes purposes are highly confidential, and informed consent is always obtained before any sharing of artworks takes place. Only artworks created during art therapy sessions with the presence of a qualified and registered art psychotherapist can be considered as art therapy, although clients are welcome to bring in artworks created outside of sessions to process them together during sessions.

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