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Depression Treatment

What is Depression?

It’s perfectly normal to feel sad or lonely at times. These are healthy responses to life’s struggles. However, sometimes the feelings of hopelessness and despair can become overwhelming. Such feelings may seriously disrupt a person’s ability to function normally, and last for long periods of time (e.g. weeks to months).

In such cases, these symptoms may point towards clinical depression.

10 Depression Symptoms


Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness

A bleak outlook—nothing will ever get better and there’s nothing you can do to improve your situation.


Loss of interest in daily activities

You don’t care anymore about former hobbies, pastimes, social activities, or sex. You’ve lost your ability to feel joy and pleasure.


Appetite or weight changes

Significant weight loss or weight gain—a change of more than 5% of body weight in a month.


Sleep changes

Either insomnia, especially waking in the early hours of the morning, or oversleeping.


Anger or irritability

Feeling agitated, restless, or even violent. Your tolerance level is low, your temper short, and everything and everyone gets on your nerves.


Loss of energy

Feeling fatigued, sluggish, and physically drained. Your whole body may feel heavy, and even small tasks are exhausting or take longer to complete.



Strong feelings of worthlessness or guilt. You harshly criticise yourself for perceived faults and mistakes.


Reckless behaviour

You engage in escapist behaviour such as substance abuse, compulsive gambling, reckless driving, or dangerous sports.


Concentration problems

Trouble focusing, making decisions, or remembering things.


Unexplained aches and pains

An increase in physical complaints such as headaches, back pain, aching muscles, and stomach pain.

An increase in physical complaints such as headaches, back pain, aching muscles, and stomach pain.

An estimated 5.8% of the Singaporean population is affected by depression. Major depressive disorder (“depression”) is a disabling condition that adversely affects a person’s family, work or school life, sleeping and eating habits, and general health. A high percentage of people with depression symptoms die by suicide without proper treatment.

The symptoms of depression differ between person to person and vary with age, gender and background. However, there are some common themes.

If you find that many of the items on the above list of depression symptoms apply to you, this may indicate that you are suffering from depression. It would be advisable to get immediate help. However, if you’re still hesitant about whether you require professional assistance, you can start by taking a reliable online test to determine if you should seek mental health support in Singapore. This test works by asking you questions that assess your recent mood and behaviour. It then recommends a course of next steps that could include psychiatric or psychological help for a possible clinical depression diagnosis. 

The Different Types of Depression

Depression is a common mental health condition that affects millions of people in Singapore and beyond. However, there are different types of depression, each with their own unique symptoms, causes, and treatments. Here are some of the most common types of depression:


Major Depression (Major Depressive Disorder - MDD)

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), also known as clinical depression, is a severe form of depression that lasts for at least two weeks and significantly affects a person’s daily life. Symptoms may include persistent sadness, loss of interest in activities, changes in appetite and sleep, difficulty concentrating, and thoughts of suicide.



Dysthymia is a type of depression that is milder than major depression but lasts longer, typically for two years or more. Symptoms may include persistent feelings of sadness, fatigue, low self-esteem, and difficulty making decisions.


Postnatal Depression

Postnatal depression, also known as postpartum depression, is a type of depression that occurs in new mothers after childbirth. Symptoms may include feelings of sadness, anxiety, irritability, and difficulty bonding with the baby.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of depression, it’s essential to seek professional help in Singapore to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs. A clinical psychologist or other mental health professional such as a therapist can provide support, guidance, and evidence-based treatments to help you manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

At Promises Healthcare, we understand that treating depression is a complex process that requires professional guidance. While addressing personal circumstances can be beneficial in some cases, it may not be the sole treatment for depression. That’s why we recommend consulting with our experienced mental health professionals in Singapore who can assess your individual situation and provide appropriate guidance and treatment options.

While making changes in personal circumstances, such as addressing a toxic work environment or seeking social connections, can contribute to improving symptoms of depression, it’s crucial to recognise that depression is a multifaceted condition with various underlying causes. These causes may include biological, psychological, and social factors. That’s why our comprehensive depression treatment services in Singapore often involve a combination of therapies, including psychotherapy, medication, lifestyle changes, and support from our dedicated mental health professionals.

While taking simple steps to alleviate symptoms can be advantageous, it’s essential to understand that self-help strategies may not be sufficient for managing depression on their own. We strongly encourage you to seek professional help and follow a personalised treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Our team is here to provide you with the support, guidance, and expertise needed to effectively address and manage depression, empowering you to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Steps You Can Take to Recover From Depression

Take regular exercise

Even simple activities such as taking a short walk can help. By starting with small actions and building up, you can improve your depression symptoms.

Reach out to other people

Isolation fuels depression, so reach out to friends and loved ones, even if you feel like being alone or don’t want to be a burden to others. The simple act of talking to someone face-to-face about how you feel can be an enormous help. The person you talk to doesn’t have to be able to fix you. He or she just needs to be a good listener – someone who’ll listen attentively without being distracted or judging you.

Eat a healthy diet

Reduce your intake of foods that can adversely affect your mood, such as caffeine, alcohol, trans fats, sugar and refined carbs. Additionally, you should increase the consumption of mood-enhancing nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids.

Take a well-rounded approach to depression recovery and treatment

It’s challenging to overcome clinical depression on your own. Seeking help from professional clinicians or therapists is highly recommended. At Promises, we understand the complexities of depression and are committed to providing you with the support and expertise you need to regain your well-being.

Our team of skilled clinicians in Singapore is experienced in delivering a multi-disciplinary approach to depression treatment. We strive to understand your unique goals and values, tailoring our interventions to align with your specific needs. By incorporating various therapeutic modalities, lifestyle adjustments, and a compassionate understanding of your individual circumstances, we aim to help you achieve long-lasting relief and a renewed sense of balance.

At Promises, we believe in addressing depression from all angles, recognizing the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and soul. In addition to traditional talk therapy and medication management, we offer experiential therapy led by our trained practitioners. Through action-based methods, experiential therapy provides an opportunity to express your inner world, emotions, and experiences in a non-verbal and creative way. This unique approach can deepen self-awareness, promote healing, and complement traditional therapeutic approaches.

Furthermore, we also offer rTMS (Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). An alternative non-invasive treatment to depression. Some individuals may not respond well to antidepressants as everyone has a different genetic make-up. For this, Promises has an alternative non-drug treatment in the form of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS treatment), or repetitive magnetic brain stimulation (also called TMS) to treat depression. Promises Healthcare was the first to bring this technology to Singapore.

It is a non-drug alternative to antidepressants – which means you don’t have to struggle with the side effects of medication. The treatment requires 20-30 sessions lasting 40 minutes each, where you will remain alert and awake. During each session, 3000 magnetic pulses are delivered to the specific area of the brain that regulates moods.

If you’re struggling with depression and have not found relief from antidepressant medication, rTMS treatment may be an option worth considering. A clinical psychologist or mental health professional can help you determine if rTMS is right for you or if you require other forms of treatment available in Singapore.

Seek help for depression

What does depression treatment look like at Promises Healthcare?

At Promises Healthcare, therapy for depression takes a comprehensive and personalised approach to meet the unique needs of each individual in Singapore. Our therapists and mental health professionals are dedicated to providing evidence-based treatments to effectively address depression. Here’s an overview of what therapy for depression may look like at Promises Healthcare:

  • Initial assessment: The first step in therapy is a thorough assessment conducted by a qualified clinician. This assessment helps in understanding your specific symptoms, underlying causes, and personal circumstances. It guides the development of a tailored treatment plan.
  • Psychotherapy: Promises Healthcare offers various forms of psychotherapy, including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, and experiential therapy. These therapeutic approaches aim to help you explore and address the root causes of your depression, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and promote positive behavioural and cognitive changes.
  • Medication management: In some cases, medication may be recommended as part of the treatment plan for depression. Our psychiatrists and medical professionals can assess the need for medication, prescribe appropriate medications, and closely monitor their effectiveness and any potential side effects.
  • Experiential therapy: Promises Healthcare also offers experiential therapy as a modality to help express your inner world through action methods. This form of therapy goes beyond traditional talk therapy by utilising activities such as art, movement, or drama to facilitate self-expression and emotional healing.
  • rTMS (Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation): In addition to the above options, we also offer rTMS as an alternative non-invasive treatment for depression. Some individuals may not respond well to antidepressants due to their unique genetic make-up, and rTMS provides a non-drug alternative. Promises Healthcare was the first to bring this technology to Singapore. During each rTMS session, 3000 magnetic pulses are delivered to the specific area of the brain that regulates moods, with each session lasting 40 minutes. It is a non-drug alternative to antidepressants, alleviating the need to contend with medication side effects.
  • Supportive and safe environment: Our therapists create a supportive and safe environment where you can openly discuss your thoughts and feelings without judgement. They provide empathy, validation, and guidance throughout your therapeutic journey.
  • Holistic approach: Promises Healthcare recognises the interconnectedness of mental, emotional, and physical well-being. In addition to therapy, our treatment approach may include incorporating lifestyle changes, stress management techniques, and wellness practices to support your overall mental health and recovery.
  • Continuity of care: We emphasise the importance of ongoing support and follow-up care. Our therapists work closely with you to monitor your progress, make adjustments to the treatment plan as needed, and provide guidance for maintaining your mental well-being beyond therapy sessions.

At Promises Healthcare, our goal is to empower individuals with the tools and support they need to effectively manage and overcome depression. We strive to create a therapeutic experience that promotes healing, resilience, and a renewed sense of well-being. With a range of therapy options, including rTMS, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive and personalised care.

You can hop onto our blog and discover more about this new treatment for depression.

Our Fees

At Promises Healthcare, we understand the importance of transparency when it comes to fees for our services. As fees may vary depending on the specific treatment plan and duration, we encourage you to visit our page on our website for detailed information regarding our fees. Our page provides a comprehensive overview of the costs associated with our services, allowing you to make an informed decision. Please visit our page for more details

Our Depression Team includes (but not limited to):

Certified Psychodramatist & Psychotherapist
MA (Couns), BFA (Dance), Certified Practitioner of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy
Senior Consultant Psychiatrist
MMED (Psych), MBBS, Depression and Anxiety Specialist
Senior Consultant Psychiatrist
MD (Psych), MBBS, FAMS, Forensic Psychiatrist
Senior Consultant Psychiatrist
MBBS, M.Med (Psychiatry), FAMS, DAvMed, Child, Adolescent & General Psychiatry
Senior Consultant Psychiatrist
MMED (Psychiatry), MBBS, FAMS, Psycho-Social Rehabilitation & Recovery Specialist
Consultant Psychiatrist
MRCPsych (UK), MBBS (Singapore), FAMS (Singapore)
Principal Clinical Psychologist
MSc (Clinical Psych), BA (Hons) Clinical Psych
Senior Clinical Psychologist
Psy.D. (Clinical Psych), M.A. (Counselling Psych), B.A. (Hon) Psych
Senior Clinical Psychologist
DPsych(Clinical), MSPS, Registered Psychologist (Singapore)
Senior Clinical Psychologist
DPsych (Clinical), BA (Hons) Psych, MSPS, MSRP
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Ph.D. (Clinical Psych), MA (Theo), BA (Hons) Psych
Senior Counselling Psychologist
M.Soc.Sc (Counselling), Ph.D (Psychology)
Clinical & Forensic Psychologist
PhD (Clinical Psych), MS (Clinical Psych), BA (Psych)
Senior Family and Couples Therapist
M.Sci. Family and Systemic Psychotherapy, SAC Master Clinical Member & Approved Supervisor, RSW
Senior Clinical Psychologist
MPsych (Clinical), BA (Hons) Psych
Addictions Therapist, Visions
MA (Counselling), BA (Sociology), DipEd (Education)
MA (Couns), BSc (Psychology)
Senior Clinical Psychologist
MPsych (Clinical Psychology), PG Dip (Psychology), B. Soc. Sc (Hons) (Psychology)
MA Counselling (Australia), PG Dip Sec. Edu. (Australia), BA Arts (USA)
Senior Psychotherapist
M. Soc. Sci. (Counselling), B.A. (Psychology), Registered Counsellor & Clinical Member (SAC)
Senior Clinical Psychologist
M. Psychology (Clinical), B. Psychology (Hons), MSPS, AHPRA
Senior Clinical Psychologist
MPsych (Clinical), B.Sc (Hons) (Psychology)
M.Couns (Adv), Adv Dip Couns, A.B. Mass Comm, SAC Registered Counsellor/Clinical Member
Senior Psychologist
B.A., PG Dip Psych, MPsych (Couns), MAPS
Senior Clinical Psychologist
MPsych (Clinical Psychology), M.Soc.Sc (Psychology), B. Soc. Sc (Hons) (Psychology)
Senior Clinical Psychologist
MPsych, Clinical (JCU), BA Hons, Psych (UQ)
Senior Psychotherapist
M. Couns (Adv), MA (C. Ed), PG Cert (Adv Ed), BA (Acc), Dip (SD)
Senior Psychotherapist
M. Soc. Sc. (Counselling), B. Soc. Sc. (Hons), CMSAC
Art Psychotherapist
MAAT (Art Therapy), AThR (ANZACATA), AThR (ATAS), BA Psyc (Hons)
M.A. in Applied Psychology
Senior Psychotherapist
M. Soc. Sc. (Professional Counselling), B. Soc. Sc. (Psych), CMSAC
Family Therapist
MSc (Family & Systemic Psychotherapy), Grad Dip (Family & Marital Therapy), B.A. (Social Work & Chinese Studies)
Therapist & Nutritionist
MA in counselling, Trinity Christian Academy, Singapore MSc in nutrition, University of California, Davis, USA.
Senior Psychotherapist
MSocSc (Couns), SAC Member & Supervisor, APNA Neurofeedback Therapist, IACT Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, ICBCH Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Trainer
M.Soc.Sc (Counselling)
MA (Couns), LLB, BA (Psych, SocSci)
Senior Psychotherapist
MSoc Sc (Counselling), B. Sc. (Hons), Post-Graduate and Graduate Certificate Expressive Therapies
MA (Couns)

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