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Promises provides a comprehensive range of psychiatric and psychological services for adults, children and adolescents.

Our team of senior consultant psychiatrists can help with medication management for those who need neuropharmacological support. Further, they work with a multi-disciplinary team to achieve good outcomes through psychotherapy and counselling.

We were also the first in Singapore to bring in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to treat depression and other psychiatric conditions.

Some of the psychiatric treatment areas that can be supported by our team include but are not limited to: 

  • Stress and Anger Management
  • Eating and Sleeping Disorders
  • Depression, Anxiety & Mood Disorders
  • Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Bi-Polar  and other Psychotic Disorders
  • Personality Disorders (Borderline, OCD, Narcissistic Disorder)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Co-morbid Disorders
Getting a mental health diagnosis

Although it is common for one to feel anxious about his/her first visit to the psychiatrist, it is important to not let those fears get in the way of getting professional help to ensure mental wellbeing.

Here are ‘4 Helpful Things To Know Before You Attend Your First Appointment with a Psychiatrist’

1. Come prepared with your medical history. You’ll be asked about your medical and psychiatric history for both personal and family, so be prepared by bringing the following:

  • A complete list of all medications
  • A list of any and all psychiatric medications you might have tried in the past, including how long you took them for
  • Your medical concerns and any diagnoses
  • Family history of psychiatric issues, if there are any
  • If you’ve seen a psychiatrist in the past, it will be helpful to bring a copy of your records, or have your records sent from the previous clinic to the new psychiatrist you’ll be seeing.

2. Be prepared for the Psychiatrists to ask you a list of personal questions. Know that there are no wrong answers.

3. It is normal to experience a range of different emotions during the session. Be open, be vulnerable – It is also okay to cry. It is also okay if you don’t feel comfortable or ready to share; you don’t have to feel compelled to answer all the questions that might be asked i.e. Some of the questions might ask about your history and it may bring up sensitive issues, such as history of trauma or abuse.

4. A treatment plan will probably be discussed. It could look like:

  • medication options
  • referrals for psychotherapy or counselling
  • level of care needed, e.g. if more intensive care is needed to appropriately address your symptoms, options to find an appropriate treatment program will be discussed
  • any recommended lab tests or procedures such as baseline tests prior to starting medications or tests to rule out any possible medical conditions that may contribute to symptoms

If you have any questions about your diagnosis, treatment, or wish to share any concerns you have, be sure to communicate them before the end of the session. Do note that is also important for you to feel comfortable with your psychiatrist, as this relationship could last a while. If you are not comfortable, you may request for a switch with the front desk.

Here’s a list of our psychiatrists. Do have a read of their profiles before you make your appointment.

Getting a mental health diagnosis

Our psychiatry team includes:

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, CEO
MMED (Psych), MBBS, CMAC, CCS, FAMS, Addictions Specialist
Senior Consultant Psychiatrist
MMED (Psych), MBBS, Depression and Anxiety Specialist
Senior Consultant Psychiatrist
MD (Psych), MBBS, FAMS, Forensic Psychiatrist
Senior Consultant Psychiatrist
MMED (Psychiatry), MBBS, FAMS, Psycho-Social Rehabilitation & Recovery Specialist
Senior Consultant Psychiatrist
MBBS, M.Med (Psychiatry), FAMS, DAvMed, Child, Adolescent & General Psychiatry
Consultant Psychiatrist
MRCPsych (UK), MBBS (Singapore), FAMS (Singapore)

You can make an appointment to see any of them at: +65 6397 7309, or by emailing


    Please be assured that all information shared with us will be kept confidential*.

    At Promises, we aim to create a safe space to aid you in your recovery journey.

    *Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further details. For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.  

    #09-22/23, Novena Medical Center,
    10 Sinaran Drive, Singapore 307506.

    Mon to Fri: 9am – 6pm
    Sat: 9am – 3pm (Clinical Services Only)

    +65 6397 7309

    +65 6397 7301

    Clinic: Please use the "Contact Us" form to get in touch with the clinic.

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