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Is My Partner Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol?

Is My Partner Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol?

Addiction can often open wide chasms in our relationships 

If using prescriptions or other drugs and alcohol have become a problem, it’s worth checking out how bad the problem is. It’s like eating chocolate or drinking Coke.

At one end, is the occasionally pleasure of eating chocolate or drinking a Coke.

At the other end, is the pain of bingeing on two pounds of chocolate and drinking 25 Cokes a day.

The eating of chocolate and drinking Coke has moved from pleasure to pain. It’s the same for drugs and alcohol. But how do I know if I have moved to the ‘pain zone’? The answer is unique to each person. But there are common signs, and you can take a valid and reliable test. Consider going to any of the websites listed below and taking a simple test. A professional can help you put the results into perspective which would allow you to see whether the problem requires help and change. Change is difficult for all of us. Taking a test and reviewing the results may provide the motivation to change. Take a chance and take a test. A person who doesn’t take a chance – never had a chance.

At Promises Healthcare we are committed to helping you on a journey to recovery. To discover a life away for the addiction and to find renewed hope. Please contact our clinic if you have any inquiries or if you wish to have a consultation.

Written by: Andrew da Roza, Therapist, Promises Healthcare Pte Ltd